Special printers, matrix printers & accessories

Special uses

Special printers need a special know how – if matrix printers, industrial printers or etiquette printers. We have the systems or help you to provide these.

We have new matrix printheads or can revise old printheads.

Furthermore we have different inkjet systems for advertising labels, feeders for high paper weights or feeders and products for fan-fold papers.


Tell us your printing and finishing problems, we have solutions for them.


T +41 41 310 45 10
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Your scope of services:

  • Evaluation on individual requirements
  • Complete support of the procurement up to the disposal
  • Installation and integration in your network environment
  • Maintenance, cleaning and repair
  • Hotline for printer troubleshooting
  • Remote maintenance for printers (incl. automatic electronic notification)
  • Supply and support of replacement devices