First aid for your printer, multifunction printer and plotter

If your printer or multifunction printer doesn't works any more, there is always the question: buying a new device or having the existing one repaired? In many cases, new printer models bring cheaper consumables with them, but repairing the current device is definitely worth consider about. Why is this so? In many cases, there are only little things that make a repair necessary. When your are purchasing a new printer or MFP, you have to pay additionaly for the installation of the new printer or MFP to the costs for the device. Also the return of the old device causes expenditures and the old toner or the ink respectively must be disposed environmentalfairly.

We mend on your premises or in our repair centre in Kriens. We are specialised in devices from HP, Kyocera, Lexmark and Brother. Whatever the problem of your printer, multifunction printer or plotter is, with us you are in competent hands.

With a repair of your devices you save time, money and nerves and additionally protect the environment.


Contact us for repair solutions.


T +41 41 310 45 10
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Your scope of services:

  • Hotline for printer troubleshooting
  • Remote maintenance for printers
  • Disturbance analysis and disturbance removal on-site
  • Repair of printers on-site or in our repair centre
  • Management of spare part material store and consumable store
  • Supply of spare devices
  • Collect and delivery service

With our customized maintenance concepts, we are able to offer an optimum printware solution, depending on your needs and requirements.